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Notes from abroad #2

When I was a child, well, let’s say a teenager, I always associated the mountains with holidays. In the summers of the 90s we often went to the Alps with my aunt, and later with my parents too. It was something special.

This perception has changed since I moved to Munich more than 10 years ago. From here it is a stone’s throw to the mountains. On beautiful, clear days, I can see the summit of the Zugspitze from my kitchen window. For years I had half the Alps in front of my eyes in the office.

They are still beautiful, but they have lost somewhat of their fascination, of their “peculiarity”, since they can be reached at any time. I don’t have to wait for my next vacation to see them again. Like now…

I wonder if that’s the case when you live by the sea. Whether one gets “tired” of it at some point. The sound of the sea, the steady pounding of the waves, the broad horizon. I can’t really imagine it. But maybe one has to try it once… to live by the sea.

It sounds like a good idea.

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