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Notes from abroad #1

I was prepared… i was so prepared!

I had my passport, my immigration registration, my negative Covid-test and my vaccination card.

On my first trip abroad in a year, nothing should go wrong – mind you – I’m going to Austria. At normal times, a German wouldn’t even call Austria a foreign country, but what is normal in these days…

So i took the train from Munich to Bad Gastein at noon and the tension was rising with every kilometer we approached the border. And all what happened was… NOTHING!

No police, no controls, nothing… actually the way it always was.

Once again, that was a moment when I realised how risk-averse and in need of security I become, when I mostly spend time at home and obtain all kind of information only from the media or by hearsay.

A reality check is always a good idea.

Don’t get me wrong, i really do like being at home, being the plant-daddy i am, LOL. But when I’m on the road again, I always notice very quickly how inflexible and “plugged-in” I became, when barely getting out of one’s comfort zone. And this situation has to be changed as soon as possible.

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