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Notes from abroad #3

I booked this little fancy so-called “aparthotel” for a couple of days. Not fancy in a classical sense, but affordable and modern how i like it and with all the useful facilities that a blogger-wannabe needs (like desk, powerful wi-fi, inspiring view from the balcony, LOL). But what appealed to me most was the possibility of entering the hotel and the room without personal contact, only with a door code provided via mobile.

In the spirit of PHANTOMias 🙂

Its not that i wanna avoid the personal contact in general, but as a solo-traveler it causes sometimes awkward situations if you check-in to hotels alone and if you are obviously not traveling for business reasons. Is there something wrong with this guy? Why does he travel alone? Doesn’t he have any friends? Probably thats all bullshit and nobody really thinks that way, but those questions are (still) in my head.

I always have this feeling that I have to explain myself. Why i am here, ALONE? Many do not understand that this can be nice and fulfilling. First of all because they never made that experience theirself. Or be afraid of being alone. I don’t have that at all. I am the best company of myself. And yet again and again this feeling of disregard and exclusion occurs. My attitude towards life.

Getting back to the hotel: what I didn’t know was the fact that the hotel had opened that very day. I was one of the first guests, so to speak, if not THE first! Besides me, not many others arrived that day, so of course I was in the focus of interest. Basically, I couldn’t set foot outside the door without “accidentally” bumping into an employee or the owner, who of course kept asking about my well-being and my plans.

Did I mention something about awkward situations before…? LOL

Anyways, Das Schider is a great place to stay if you want to have that little weekend getaway. A historic villa with a lot of charm and amazing views. Plus, the calming sound of the waterfall is included, 24/7 🙂

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