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The Bangkok diaries: Dark

The covid-19 pandemic crisis keeps the world in suspense, it's no different in Bangkok. The restrictions on public life are also increasing here, but overall it's not as bad as anywhere else.

No worries, the title of this post has nothing to do with my current state of mind, but rather refers to the great series that i am currently watching on Netflix: Dark. It’s a german one and it is about the past and the future of the people of a small town in Germany and how everything is connected. A bit obscure, but kind of addictive… like life, lol.

It is something what i do these days with a guilty pleasure: watching series and movies, reading, listening to podcasts and music, writing on this blog, doing exercices, laying at the pool and so on, and so on… And although the days are similar, almost blurred, i have to say that i am by no means bored. Maybe, or pretty sure, it’s easier for introverts to get through this time. Because we usually spend a lot of time with ourselves and are less dependent on the outside world.

It may sound a bit weird, but i actually enjoy that slow and lazy life at the moment. I find it quite relaxing not to pack and unpack my backpack every 2-3 days, to have some time to live without any urge and haste. I mean, don’t get me wrong, i love the gypsy-life as well, but sometimes you just wanna stay and pause at one place.

When i was traveling the last 5 months, i sometimes thought that i would like to stay somewhere for a longer time, to reflect and to gather oneself. I sometimes did that on a daily basis, it’s not like that. But then again i was so driven not to miss a thing and just moved on. But now, since everyone of us is forced to stay at “home”, i focus on the positive aspects of that situation and just try to make the best of it for myself.

Isn’t it that we often dream of such “time-outs” in our stressful everyday life? Where you don’t have to rush from one appointment to another. Where you just have time for yourself and your loved ones… And now, that this is suddenly possible, very few people are able to cope with the situation and wish for a normal everyday life (…at least that is my impression i get from social media, lol). Well, because it’s probably like with everything in life: we always want what we dont have!

So the newest order by the thai government is a curfew from 10pm to 4am, which came into force the night before yesterday. Only for this nocturnal period, for the rest of the day you can walk around freely without any restrictions. But, how to say, it doesn’t affect me much… because as you know by now, at that time i will be in my hotel room watching… yes, Dark 🙂

The skyscrapers of Sukhumvit at day and night
Love that urban scenery! I just can’t get enough of the view from my hotel room.

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