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The Bangkok diaries: Silom

Thanon Silom, literally translated windmill street, is a synonym for gay nightlife in Bangkok. It's where things happen, that you thought only could happen in a movie. Let's take a walk down memory lane, when going out on a friday night was possible...

It is one of those evenings again.

The last dance in DJ Station, something more calm. Apparently it’s from The Weeknd. I don’t know the song, but it’s a good one. Good to dance closely and thats what we do.

Then we stagger onto the street or rather they led us out. After all, it’s 2am. The best time, i always thought. We kiss goodbye, but we are going to meet again.

At the latest next week, when everyone will be here again.

DJ Station Bangkok
“I said, ooh, i’m blinded by the lights… No, i can’t sleep until i feel your touch”

A boy and a girl are walking in front of me, obviously they are just friends. The guy turns around, see me and reachs out his hand. I willingly put my hand in his and we start talking…

I said it in the beginning, sometimes it’s like in a movie on this street.

I walk a bit further and see an old woman lying on the ground. She sleeps there every night. She’s holding a mug in her hand, in case someone wants to put something in there. I don’t know, as i walk by i feel bad and sad at the same time. I rummage for money in my pocket and put a 100 Baht note in her mug. Thats actually a lot (around 3€). But it’s nothing on the other side, each drink in DJ Station costs 150 Baht.

As i move on i notice a shadow behind me. A man who has apparently seen my mild deed. And when he thinks that he’s out of sight, he reachs into the mug and takes the money. I run after him and try to confront him, but for nothing. He denies everything. Probably a poor soul as well, just like the woman on the ground.

Well, this is how things work here in Silom…

Stranger Silom

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