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Chasing the sun – Cuba is calling!

Just 2 weeks to go, and i will be in Cuba... again!

After 2014 it will be the second time that i visit the caribbean island. I think back to those days with mixed feelings. Not only that my travel companion and me had a different agenda on how this trip should look like, also we have been based in Varadero. I mean there is nothing wrong with places like Varadero, a tourist-friendly mega-resort (…which is quite essential for the Cuban economy), but it offers little in the way of unique Cuban experiences. Happily we made some trips to Havana, Matanzas and Trinidad where we could have a small insight in the real Cuban way of life. And i could do some pretty nice shots on the way…

A taxi driver waiting for customers in the centre of Havana, Cuba.
Can it be any more Cuban? A taxi driver waiting for customers in the centre of Havana.

Havana's Malecón
Havana’s Malecón on a rather rainy day.

Cuban dancers in the streets of Havana.
I always imagined this hot (and sweaty) dancer is flirting with me… but probably he is just enjoying himself.

When we left Cuba back in january 2014, I remember very well that my inner voice told me, that i have to come back once. I can’t say exactly, but there was something magical with this island. Was it the easygoing and laidback people, the shabby facades or that certain vibes in the streets of Havana? I really can’t say! What i know is, that i have to trust my inner voice and follow that call…

Varadero beach
An endless stretch of blond sand – Varadero beach.

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