Welcome to my “new” website.

It’s been a while since i had this idea. Or in other words: Haste makes waste!

This blog exists almost 5 years, but so far it was only a site for my photography work. I always wanted to put more written content online, but of course it is way easier to just upload a pic than writing a profound article. I mean, my head is full of thoughts all the time and i daresay that some of them are quite precious and meaningful (some of them are confusing and insane, i dont want to euphemize that…), but to write them down is another story.

It was one of these New Year’s resolutions which made me focus on this topic again. And after weeks of thinking, procrastination and research, i finally found this beautiful, stylish and appropriate theme from Elmastudio, which fulfilled all my needs and demands. Seems like i have no excuses anymore.

So what you read just now is my first article and i hope many more will follow. Keep your fingers crossed. Thank you and welcome to my world!

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