Taking chances.

Life is a roller coaster...

It seems that not only Munich has reached it’s climax of the year, celebrating the traditional Oktoberfest. Coincidentally (or maybe not, as i don’t believe in coincidences…) also my life reached a climax in some way. It actually started weeks and months ago, but these days i fully realise and feel the impacts and consequences of my actions.

Let’s face it! I’m single again, i quit my comfortable job and i sublet my fancy flat. It sounds pretty scary in one way, not to say: overwhelming! But in another way it sounds pretty awsome. Pure freedom.

The question is, why did i choose this path?

It was a subconscious decision.

First of all, i always had and still have this indefinable and strong feeling of wanderlust inside of me. For this and that reason i never made it for a bigger trip longer than 4 weeks. Either i didn’t have enough money or i didn’t have enough time…

When me and my ex-boyfriend decided to break up last year and do not live together, i just felt that it was time for more changes.

It was the crucial point.

I needed a break from everything. Not necissarily a new beginning, but a time-out. A famous saying tells, that a journey always is an excellent cure for misty states.

But at the same time i realised that such a life-changing journey or time-out implied to proactively quit my job.

It was probably the hardest part. Because i kind of liked my job and my collegues, but after more than 10 years in one and the same company, i also thought it could be a good time to cut the cord (very metaphorical spoken, lol). I balanced the reasons, the pro’s and con’s. And in the end i decided to jump in at the deep end.

To be honest, it didn’t feel too good in the beginning, permanently thinking that it was the mistake of my life. I was worried about all the ‘could-be’ scenarios, which c-o-u-l-d happen in the future. But it get better. I became more calm and understand, that this step was important and needful.

Now, after some more time has passed by, i realise more and more that I am doing something what most people dream of their entire life: leaving the rat race, the daily grind and following one’s dreams and passions, even if it is just for a limited time at all.

So, getting back to the Oktoberfest: it is like riding one of those fun rides on each corner which somehow describe my feelings these days. You see them and some attract your attention and at the same time you are scared a bit, cause they look fun but capricious at once. But finally you take a ride, you take a little risk, knowing that in the end everything will be fine.

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