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Notes from abroad #5

“Embrace the unexpected” should be the headline of this blogpost.

Just when my flight landed in Lisbon last sunday, there was this E-Mail telling me that my connection-flight to Funchal was cancelled.

Instead of panicking, i just tried to calm down and see where everything would lead me to…

Well, first it lead me to a hotel bit outside the city (which was organised by the airline).

The next day it lead me to an unexpected beautiful time in Lisbon. It was sunny and i took a bus to the Cristo Rei statue on the other side of the river. I ate the best fish in ages in a restaurant nearby the harbour. I strolled around and just enjoyed myself.

In other words:

Not getting what you want is sometimes a stroke of luck.

Dalai Lama
An abandoned bus stop in the urban district of Almada in Lisbon

In the meantime I made it to Madeira. Somehow I’ve been drawn to islands lately. After Ibiza and Malta last year, it’s the portugese one in the middle of the Atlantic ocean this time. Related to Covid-19, for some reason (which I don’t understand actually), I feel safer in the seclusion of an island. I guess my experiences during the first lockdown in Myanmar and Thailand left a mark on me, LOL.

No, actually Madeira came into my focus when I had to create a map of the island in my old job. It has been on my imaginary to do list ever since…

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