Sunset in Canggu on Bali, Indonesia
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Eternal summer of my life.

We have been spoiled with warm late summer days recently. It's difficult to say goodbye to the season of sunshine and lightheartedness now, but eventually life means change.

As the days are getting colder and autumn is in the air, i become aware of the fact that my previous summer was more or less around 15 months.

It was an experience that I never had in my life before.

Usually summer in Germany includes the months June, July and August. Well, if you are lucky, September can be warm and sunny too. So when i started my big trip last october, summer was just gone and i could enjoy some golden autumn days, just to go straight back to a tropical summer in Southeast Asia. And when I came back to Germany in June, summer had just started again, too (…that was really a masterpiece of planning on my part, LOL).

Of course, I deliberately chose the timing of my trip according to this, because of the beautiful weather and the associated simplification in terms of clothes, equipment and excursion options. Especially on a backpacking trip. To know that a T-Shirt and shorts will be almost always enough isn’t a bad thing… But actually I’m not the type of guy who thinks that only summer is great. All seasons have their special charm in my eyes. Well, of course, a warm breeze in the evening, the crickets and the sound of the sea often make summer just a touch more carefree and worth living. I have to admit that.

But that’s summer only from a meteorological point of view.

I have always seen the seasons as a metaphor for life, too. In other words: life also takes place in the form of seasons. We go through phases. Just as spring, summer, autumn and winter change tirelessly, our lifes doing it in a similar way. It is a repeatedly up and down and never an ascending straight line to the top (as many people might believe…). Only if you experience all the changing seasons, you will live life to the fullest.

And as an endless summer would scorch the earth, leaving it infertile, living many summers in a row without taking a breaks for you, too, will eventually burn you out.

It is not natural in nature, and it is not natural in life.

And with this knowledge I also say goodbye to this, my, endless summer, even if it is admittedly not easy for me.

I dont know, somehow i struggled to write this blogpost and I’m not sure yet, whether what I was feeling or trying to say really came across. The best way to describe my mood is by a saying that was printed on one of the tank tops, I wore during my trip:







3 comments on “Eternal summer of my life.

  1. heavenliner

    Have an awesome autumn! Sorry but i just have to say this…

    Those Eyes!😌

    • Haha, thank you my friend!
      I actually looking forward to autumn… it’s a good season for taking pictures πŸ™‚

      • heavenliner

        I’m envious! Grrr! We don’t have autumn here! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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