Yangon Wall
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If these walls could talk (what they actually do).

After I had been busy lately looking at, sorting and editing the pictures of my trip, I had the idea to use some of them as a basis for further little stories. So this time i revisit Yangon in Myanmar.

It was mid of March when I finally reached Myanmar on my trip. In these days the Covid-19 wave just reached Europe and which became the epicenter of the pandemic. At that time, I hadn’t really worried that the “whole thing” would have any influence on me or my further travel.

How naive from today’s perspective, LOL.

So I landed in Yangon and planned to stay there for around 2 or 3 days. Apart from the Shwedagon Pagoda, I didn’t know what the largest city of Myanmar had to offer. So I asked one of my Tinder matches and immediately got the answer that I really need to see the Yangon Walls. Since I had never heard of it before, I did a little research and came to the conclusion that I should actually have a look at it. Especially as a big fan of streetart.

Note: Tinder is not as useless as one might think, LOL.

YGN Walls (how they actually promote it…) is basically a streetart project that stretches across several streets in the city center. But the works of art are not located directly on the main streets, but in the backyards or rather the backlanes of the rows of houses. These were originally used as rubbish dumps, but are now undergoing transformation to a rather “garden alley”.

The walls are an open-air gallery of paintings, illustrations and photographs. You can see multi-hued birds (the “urban jungle”-theme in general), murals depicting Myanmar fairy tales or girls wearing the traditional styled fashion and accessory.

All in all: an impressive show that literally keeps you captive exploring for hours.

Mural with Tucan
No caption needed!

2 comments on “If these walls could talk (what they actually do).

  1. thomas wildfeuer

    Hallo Thomas,
    sehr schöne Bilder, naturalistisch oft doppeldeutig. Diese Art von Kunst findet man häufig in politisch geschundenen Ländern; die Umstellung von Links- auf Rechtsverkehr per Dekret durch die Militärmachthaber war da wohl noch die kleinste Repression in Mayanmar. Ich hatte mir vor kurzem mal die »murals« in Nordirland in Belfast und Derry angesehen, deren Inhalte klar politisch sind und durch den drohenden Brexit aktuell wieder in den Fokus rücken.
    LG Thomas

  2. Hi Thomas, aus der Perspektive habe ich es noch gar nicht betrachtet, aber da hast du vermutlich ganz recht!

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