Emsphere advertisment, Bangkok
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The Bangkok diaries: Streetvibes (continued)

The stranded tourist i am, still drag myself through the glowing streets and hope for a snapshot or two...

In addition to everything else, Bangkok is of course a city of contrasts. It is often only a stone’s throw from the dazzling facades of the high-rise buildings in Silom to the quonset huts on the Chao Phraya river. The same as between the stuffy underground labyrinths of the subway and the fancy rooftop terraces of the condos. Both ends of the spectrum fascinate and depress me at the same time.

The big cities of the world attracts them all: the poor and the rich, and above all those who want to make it. The ambitious business people and the crafty taxidrivers, the migrant workers and the expats, the pigeons and rats. And, of course, the tourists like me, who want to make the best out of their unintented stay, even if it’s just a few nice shots of the always surprising city πŸ™‚

There is an underpass not far from the place i stay right now. But it isn’t just a simple underpass, it is also used as a parking lot and a shelter. They have a TV there and an aquarium with fishes and a phone box. Pretty basic. And in the background you can see the sparkling facades of the futuristic office towers… which sums up everything that defines the city for me: the contradictory and the unexpected!

Streetscene Ratchathewi, Bangkok

1 comment on “The Bangkok diaries: Streetvibes (continued)

  1. Berthold

    Sehr eindrucksvolle Bilder!

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