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May your life be as awsome as you pretend it is on Instagram.

To whom do i say that? I read this phrase somewhere randomly and immediately knew that i had to use it for a blogpost. Because the topic is driving me all the time...

Whenever i’m traveling longer distances here, be it by bus, train or plane, i usually listen to the current podcast of Beste Freundinnen. They are 2 guys around my age, who talk about their lives week after week. About relationships, sex and all kinds of things around it. And even if both are straight and in somehow different personal circumstances, so much seems familiar to me about what they talk and about things they experience. Usually they really make my day and sometimes i have to laugh a lot wearing my headphones on.

Anyways, one of the last episodes was about how important it is to be noticed or to be seen by others. And that life is always about it actually. To be seen and valued by others just the way you are. And that inevitably brought me to the Instagram-topic, because it is the prime example of a platform, whose main goal is to attract attention.

I am not telling anything new when i say that Instagram is currently the hippest (or at least the most common used) social platform on the Internet, where people can literally present themselves (…even though i can see a certain downward trend, similar to the use of Facebook). But what people present or stage are just cutouts, tiny filtered moments of their life, that often have little to do with reality. And i often find it frightening that i am no better, looking at my own account.

But lately I’ve been wondering why am i doing this? Why am i posting stuff the way i do?

I haven’t found the right answer yet!

Is it just to be noticed, like mentioned in the beginning? It’s not that i want to make people jealous, thats what i can say for sure (…i’m not responsible for anyones feelings anyways). It is a fact that i am in this or that beautiful place at the moment. But of course, somehow i try to stage everything perfectly. So some part of me wants to create an illusion. But it is not my main concern, believe me! 🙂

I just like to take pictures, i’ve always done that. Even at a time when there was nothing like Instagram. And i would say that i have a reasonably good eye for motifs, which is actually the most important thing when taking pictures (…which many people don’t understand, lol). And therefore Instagram is the perfect platform to show a selection of my shots. Everything is of course very superficial and i don’t try to create a special depth at all. Because, as the saying goes, a picture says more than a thousand words. I have this blog for more in-depth or further thoughts.

Spiderman-pose in El Nido
Spiderman Patrick: asians always have the right poses at the right location

Anyways, i’m harmless compared to the most asians (that i meet) in terms of self-expression and selfie-culture. What i observe here in part is really crazy. For example, people dress according to a location in order to get particularly high-contrast or colorful pictures. Nobody is shy to pose in front of a larger audience, as the famous insta-spots are rarely deserted. Or people simply only visit locations that are either already insta-spots or have the potential to be one. And i have to admit that this behaviour also rubs off on me.

I sometimes wonder where this whole process should lead? Whether the trend is reversing and people no longer publicly share their moments? Or rather keep them for what they are: personal experiences!? Or is it getting even worse?

It’s funny, i had an interesting discussion on this topic with Diane from the States some time ago. Strictly speaking, on the Komodo-tour in Indonesia. We spent one night on the boat and when it was later, i sat on board with her. The starry sky above us. And in front of us 3 czech guys, who were constantly dealing with their cell phones, posting, skyping and scrolling. We just didn’t understand it. How you can’t just enjoy such a once-in-a-lifetime moment? Note well, Diane is 70 years old and i am 39. So quite 2 different generations, but in that point we were thinking the same way. And Diane supposed it will get worse in the future, which frankly scared me a bit. Because in spite of everything i am hoping that i am not the only person who is aware of the fact, that the real life happens out there and that most of the social media is just a filtered Illusion of life.

Klingking Beach on Nusa Penida
Klingking Beach on Nusa Penida (Bali): probably one of the most famous insta-spots at all. I have to admit that it is a beautiful and spectacular place! But what is the point when everyone more or less posts the same picture of themselves in front of the impressive backdrop? Everyone seems just to copy each other… why nobody is looking for a different perspective or view? (Don’t worry, i made that pic too… but i didn’t post it 😉 )
Selfietime on Nusa Penida

10 comments on “May your life be as awsome as you pretend it is on Instagram.

  1. hey Thomas, life is short and fair to everyone by individual deep breath.

    Dont make any regrets in our hands. let’s catch the thing you really care about in time.

    spiderman, Patrick

  2. thomas wildfeuer

    Dear Thomas,

    what are the main things in time of coroan virus worldwide and instram-travlers?
    Yours Thomas

  3. thomas wildfeuer

    Hallo Thomas,
    Du bist wieder in Bangkok; wie war Myanmar und wie geht es bei Dir weiter?
    Bleibst Du noch in Asien, oder musst Du wegen der Wohnung bald zurück nach Deutschland, oder kannst Du es von dort aus regeln bzw. Deinen Aufenthalt dort verlängern?
    Wie wird das Corona-Thema in Thailand behandelt?
    Eine Freundin von mir ist aktuell in Tunesien und wird, so wie es aktuell aussieht, versuchen die Krise dort auszusitzen, sie hat sich nicht auf die Liste »Luftbrücke« des AAs aufnehmen lassen; sie haben dort eine nächtliche Ausgangssperre 18-6Uhr!
    Viele Grüße aus Deutschland!
    vom Thomas

    • Hi Thomas,
      Ja, nachdem die Einreisebeschränkungen und Grenzschließungen (auch hier in Asien) immer mehr wurden, habe ich mich entschieden, nach Bangkok zurück zu fliegen. Irgendwie wollte ich nicht in Myanmar hängen bleiben, da fühle ich mich hier besser aufgehoben. Ich glaube es war die richtige Entscheidung. Wenngleich die Einschränkungen hier auch zunehmen. Viele Geschäfte haben geschlossen, Essen in Restaurants bzw. Straßenküchen gibt es nur zum Mitnehmen etc. Aber soweit geht es mir gut und ich sehe alles als weiteres Abenteuer 🙂 Ich wollte eigentlich bis Mai unterwegs sein, nun muss man mal schauen wie sich alles weiterentwickelt. Aber nach Deutschland muss ich aktuell auch nicht unbedingt, haha. Mit der Wohnung ist kein Problem, die ist bis mdst. Ende April untervermietet…
      Hoffe bei dir ist auch alles in Ordnung, bleib gesund & viele Grüße! T.

      • thomas wildfeuer

        Hallo Thomas,
        ja, bei mir und meinen Lieben und meiner 93 jährigen Mutter ist alles soweit in Ordnung. Ich habe Vorkehrungen getroffen.
        Bleibst Du vorerst in Bangkok und sitzt das Virus dort aus?
        LG Thomas

      • Das freut mich zu hören!
        Vermutlich bleibe ich erstmal hier und sitze die Sache aus… 🙂

  4. thomas wildfeuer

    Hallo Thomas,
    stehen Deine Eltern, Verwandten und Freunde in Deutschland hinter Deiner Entscheidung?
    Sind denn eigentlich noch ausländische Touristen vor Ort in Bangkok?
    Ich drücke Dir und uns fest die Daumen, dass wir diese Krise durchstehen werden.
    Frei nach dem braven Soldat Svjek: »Nach dem Krieg um halbsechs im Kelch auf ein Bier«, in diesem Sinne, sei weiterhin wachsam und bleibe gesund!
    LG Thomas

    • Na ja, ich denke jeder kann die Entscheidung zumindest, aufgrund der derzeitigen Situation in Deutschland, nachvollziehen… Man sieht hier in Bangkok noch sehr viele Touristen (oder zumindest “Ausländer”). Das Hotel in dem ich momentan bin, ist ganz gut ausgelastet. Ich bin guter Dinge 🙂

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