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Not all those who wander are lost.

Just writing about the protests, wouldn't measure it up to the city of Hongkong. To be brief, it just blew me away! And i mean not just the city itself, also the beautiful nature around and the way how everything is connected.

When you think of Hongkong what’s first coming to your mind is probably skyscrapers. At least that was what i connected the city always with. And it is true, they are literally everywhere. I wouldn’t say that the skyscrapers are something special from an architectural point of view (as far as i can say that, lol), but the sheer amount of the super high buildings is just breathtaking and make it something unique. I have never seen such a conglomeration of concrete before.

But the city has so much more to offer! There are the trails and beaches in the back country, the big city lights and, like anywhere in asia, countless shopping malls. Something for everyone, i guess.

Human countenance in a concrete jungle

It is quite easy for a foreigner to locate and navigate within the city. Not only that almost everyone can speak english, there are plans and maps everywhere and everything is well signposted. You can buy an electronic smart card, called Octopus, to use the public transport or even pay with in selected shops and restaurants. Everything is so convenient and reliable.

Unfortunately, and that is the other side of the medal, Hongkong is f*cking expensive! I recently read that it has become the most expensive town in the world meanwhile. So that doesn’t make it a real backpackers paradise, lol. Maybe i was a bit lucky, cause with the protests the hotel prices seem to have fallen a bit, but still… So in the beginning i wanted to stay there for around 2 weeks, but after i realised that fact, i shortened my stay to 6 days. Cause i need to safe money. Yeah, now i sound like that stingy german guy, which i’am not! 🙂

Nevertheless, i definetely have to come back. As i wrote in the previous post, i came here to wander and to hike. And i couldn’t do all of the hikes and trails, which i had planned, simply because i had too little time (it’s a vicious circle, you see: money vs. time). By following the brilliant website discoverhongkong, I did the most popular trails though: The Peak, Dragon’s Back and another trail close to the Big Buddha on Lantau Island.

And it was so wonderful to walk these paths. You feel like in another world, even though the big city is just around the corner. The civilisation just ends at one point and, like cutted with a knife, behind it, the jungle begins. All trails are in a very good condition, some of them even asphalted and with a railing. Like i said, there are signs and maps everywhere, so it is really, really hard to get lost. And as the title of this post implies: not all those who wander are lost. Some are just enjoying theirself and thats all.

Chai Wan area in Hongkong
Where the city ends, the jungle begins.
The Peak Circle Walk offers breathtaking views to the city (well, not in that pic… that is just a lovely shot during the golden hour, lol)

4 comments on “Not all those who wander are lost.

  1. thomas wildfeuer

    Hallo Thomas,
    Du hast länger nichts mehr auf Deinen Blog gestellt!
    Bist Du noch in Thailand auf einer Insel?
    Wie wird es mit Deiner Reise weitergehen (Vietnam, Kambodscha, Laos, oder ergänzend zu den Eindrücken in Honkong, Erfahrungen mit Taiwan)?

    Viele Grüße
    vom Thomas

    • Hi Thomas! Ja, du hast recht… ich bereite aber schon wieder einen Beitrag vor, es ist nur mehr Arbeit als ich gedacht hätte 🙂
      Mittlerweile bin ich in Malaysia, d.h. es geht erstmal weiter Richtung Süden… LG, Thomas

  2. Falko Pippig

    Hallo Forni, ich wünsche dir frohe Weihnachten und ein paar besinnliche Stunden in der Fremde. Wir freuen uns, wenn du wieder nach Hause kommst. Viele Grüße von Falko

    • Hi Falko! Das ist ja schön hier von dir zu lesen 🙂 Ich wünsche dir auch schöne Weihnachten und dann einen guten Rutsch! Eine Weile muss ich schon noch hier bleiben, um meine To-Do-Liste abzuarbeiten :)) LG, Forni

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