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My hungry heart.

Bangkok. Goodtime city. You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream, the way you turn me on. I can't sleep...

The city of angels, which is the local thai name of Bangkok actually, cast a spell over many people, i guess. Including me. I can’t really describe where that comes from, it’s just that this city has something to offer what others don’t have. There is some certain vibe in the streets, which makes the hungry come to feed. Hungry for life and hungry for adventure. It is a goodtime city, no question, and i don’t want to deny the fact, that the gay scene/boys plays it’s part in the attractivity.

But thats only half of the truth.

It happened to me several times that i was really stressed out here, cause of all the noise and smog and the hustle around. But then again, in a blink of an eye, when you least expect it, the city gives you precious moments you will never forget.

It’s actually already the 4th time that i’m visiting Bangkok and i couldn’t think of any other place to start my trip (…if we see Abu Dhabi as a kind of prologue). It is THE gateway to southeast asia and it is always good to start a trip in a familiar place. I decided to stay a week right away, to settle down a bit and to just arrive. And it kind of paid off, cause the first days i really struggled with a jetlag, which i usually don’t. Well, that might be connected with the fact, that my nice little room didnt have a real window in there. I know, that sounds pretty much like i chose the cheapest option for my accomodation, but thats not true. It was actually a really clean and new and modern place, which i definetely recommend. Just the missing window was a bit of a downer. I mean there was some tiny little hole in the wall, but i never could really figure out if it was daytime or nighttime, LOL.

For the reason that i’ve been there for many times, i didn’t do much of sightseeing. Basically my daily routine looked like this: getting up too late, strolling through the streets of Silom, looking for streetfood and any new places. When my feet hurt, i went for a massage – what a bless. The evenings i usually have spent at DJ Station, probably the best and most popular gay club in southeast asia. Silom Soi 2, the actual adress, is something like a synonym for legendary gay nightlife. Everytime i’m there, it feels a bit like home, like a place i belong to, haha.

Talking about nightlife, this is such a different thing here. I mean, it is really about enjoying yourself, and not pretending to have fun. It’s not important how you look like or which fancy clothes you wear. Some guys here even look like as they just came out of the gym, wearing their sweatpants and muscle shirts. I really like that casual style. And even though i go out by myself, i can be sure to find new friends by the end of the night. It almost never happens to me in Germany. Of course, as a farang (how thai’s call foreigners with a white skincolor) you are automatically in the centre of attention and interest. But lets just say that i’m old enough and not too naive anymore, to know the difference between a moneyboy and someone who is really nice and interested. And there are plenty of really nice people around. Guys who take me on a ride with their motorbike or who show and literally feed me with different kinds of streetfood or even ask me out on a date.

You see, i’m really in love with that place and the people. I can’t help it. I will come back here every once in a while during that trip, that is for sure. Just to keep my mind open and to suck in the experience and the life which is going on here…

From below and above – Maha Nakhon. The newest highlight among Bangkok’s skyline.

3 comments on “My hungry heart.

  1. Hi Thomas, was für ein inspirierender Start deiner großen Reise. Bin schon gespannt auf die Fortsetzung.
    Herzliche Grüße aus dem novemberkalten München.

    • Vielen Dank, Astrid! Ich muss gestehen, Schreiben ist richtig Arbeit (brauch ich dir nicht sagen, lol) und es geht mir noch nicht so locker von der Hand, wie ich es gern hätte… Aber solche netten Kommentare motivieren natürlich ungemein 🙂

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