The idea is simple. Simply great!

You shouldn’t take a workcamp literally. It’s not about working in the first place. It is more about meeting people from all over the world, living with them for 2 or 3 weeks and to be part of an international group. The general idea is that young people volunteer in a specific project in a country of their own choice. There are different organisations specialised for workcamps: I point out 2 german ones (IBG and IJGD) in my Links-section, but a look at Google will definetely guide you. All you have to pay for is your own travel costs and a registration fee; accomodation and food is for free. You will cook together, you will sing together, you will work and travel together and at the end you will find new friends.

When I was a student, I joined workcamps nearly every summer. Today I can say that these times have been one of the most influential experiences during my twens. Meeting people from so many countries, get to know them and their views of life have influenced my own life and thoughts a lot.

If you have any questions about workcamps don’t hesitate to contact me. Otherwise enjoy the photos of my amazing camps by clicking through the navigation bar.


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